Friday, December 12, 2014

Better productivity writing golang code with help of supermegadoc

At work I'm writing more and more golang code recently. It is nice little language. But as a language noob I have yet to internalize which features are available in standard library and how to use them. So I'm spending a lot of time staring at pages under looking for types or functions or methods I need.
For my Erlang work I'm quite regular user of supermegadoc erlang integration (video demo with my nice/odd accent is here). And I was seriously lacking something similar for go. Today I finally spent few hours and I have something that looks like what I need.


I can quickly find things that are visible to godoc. Just like with other supermegadoc integrations, I can see function signatures and constant and variable values. And I can see if type is struct, "typedef" or interface. From experience working with Erlang's supermegadoc, I know that this means that I often don't even need to open corresponding doc entry. It is often enough to see that it's there and (in case of functions or methods) what it's signature is.

I expect my golang productivity to increase.

Have a nice day folks!

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